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John/Gav, What’s all this blogging malarkey? You’re just showing off that you’re out using your hovers whilst most wait for something called a season. Okay confession time Keith & I were out over the Easter Weekend too.
It was Good Friday, a nice low tide and by the time we arrived at the Worthing slip the inclement weather had just blown through. The beach was all but deserted, perfect for, dare I say, beach buzzing! With no chance of squeezing anything larger than a Storm under the height restriction accessing the slip I opted to take the …Storm.
First stop was the short hop back to the café that we’d just been in and where Keith’s brother, sister and dad were all waiting for a quick go.
Next and inspired by so many of you that have posted on youtube, I had a go at filming the 10 minute journey from the café to the pier. The trip was good fun. I picked a route avoiding the worst of the rocky patches of beach to get to the ankle deep water and then I just kept it on the waters edges with the small ripples of surf passing beneath me, all the while filming with one hand and convinced that by the time I reached the pier, I’d created something worthy of an Oscar. Well truth be known, the footage was nothing short of awful, unless that is you’re particularly fond of the Storms handlebars and windshield. So I’ll not be putting anything on youtube, I’ll leave that to the experts.


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