I was asked by the Race Director to do some flyby noise tests at Gang Warily during Sundays racing.

The following craft exceeded the HCGB's racing limit of 96dbA at 25 metres:

12 (2) 104dbA
21 100dbA
46 98dbA
89 97dbA
82 97dbA

One or two other craft were much noisier than other craft in their formula but didn't exceed 96dbA. eg there was an F35 which at 91 dbA was about 10dbA noisier than other F35s.

As an aside the difference between the quietest craft at the event (Q1) and the noisiest (2/12) was 32dbA. As dbA is a logarithmic scale with acoustic power levels doubling every 3db I calculate it would need approximately 2000 Q craft together to be as noisy as one 2/12 - with a total of 70,000 bhp.

Keith Oakley