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Thread: Special Cruising edition of Light Hovercraft magazine

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    Default Special Cruising edition of Light Hovercraft magazine

    There’s a lot happening on the cruising side of the HCGB at the moment so I volunteered to put together a cruising special edition of the mag, which has just been emailed out by mailchimp to all members. It’s over 40 years since I last edited the mag so the layout is a bit retro, but modern tech does however mean I can include lots of blue links to videos, more pictures and other relevant material, and if the pic is too small you can enlarge it in your browser. My thanks to all the members who’ve written articles for this mag.

    The mag includes reports on the brilliant 9 day cruise on the Medway Estuary last year as part of the club’s 50th anniversary celebrations. 36 craft took part, cruising in groups to various destinations around the estuary; the largest cruising event ever outside the USA. The SE club held one day cruises throughout the year from a slipway on the Swale, whilst the NW club organised events on the Mersey from Liverpool Sailing Club. These bigger events were underpinned by members exploring different estuaries and rivers on their own or in smaller informal groups.

    In the mag there’s news of a similar range of events in 2017, including a Hover-in at Popham Airfield, a weekend long event from Chatham with camping available plus a full programme of one day cruises every month on the Swale. The NW club will run 2 weekend long events from Liverpool, again with camping available, as well as a series of adhoc one day outings. Other cruising events will be announced on the HCGB website Calendar Search page. Further afield there’s a week long cruise in Ireland if you prefer Guinness or the Rhone Raid in France if wine is your preference! All in all plenty of opportunities to take your craft out.

    In the best traditions of the mag I’ve included some technical stuff - a progress report from the Quiet Hovercraft project and some advice on Rights of Navigation. We’ve also got an exciting invitation from the Hovercraft Club of America to join them for a week long ‘World Cruise’ on the Wisconsin River in July 2018. We’re starting to research containers etc so UK members can join in – more details in the mag.

    Discussions on Facebook have recently overtaken those on the HCGB Forum pages. Like many other cruisers I’m not on Facebook so the only place all cruising members can get together is the HCGB CruisingForum Non members can always contribute on this HCGB Open Forum In addition to a lengthy technical article on the Quiet Hovercraft Project I’ve posted a further update in the QuietHovercraft Project Forum Thread where I’ll be happy to try to answer any noise related questions from members.

    I’ve included in the mag many links to picture albums, videos etc which give a vivid picture of the Anniversary Cruise. If you’ve got some more pics or videos of that event available online it would be great if you could post a link to them on this thread.

    Keith Oakley
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    Default Re: Special Cruising edition of Light Hovercraft magazine

    Oops - I have to confess that an 'alternative fact' crept into my report of the 50th Anniversary Cruise turnout.

    I quoted that 36 craft attended - which I got from a usually unimpeachable source, and sloppily I didn't check it. But recently that source asked if the number was correct. So I've turned to my spreadsheet of bookings, took away a few no shows, added in the unbooked attendees and came up with a peak of 40 craft attending at some point during the week. The average for most days was about 30.

    Sorry - I promise to check my facts if I report on the 75th Anniversary Cruise!


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