Hey up,

Just found this on the internet:

What it needs to build a real washer fluid warning.

1 bottle of good wine
1 drill 6mm
1 stick , preferable alluminuim 4-5mm thick
1 silly figure preferable a duck

first open the bottle in usual way and keep the cork. After that you should be brave enough to drill a hole through the bonnet into the washer fluid tank.
Try to get the cork (from step 1) onto the aluminium stick inside the tank - maybe by opening another bottle of whatever.
Close the bonnet and ensure that the stick with the cork inside the tank will pass the drilled hole with its other end.
Put the silly figure (duck) on the end of the stick which passes the bonnet
Now you instantly can see the level of washing fluid by the hight of the duck floating over the bonnet


Thank you very much, I'm here all week.