I have received a letter from the WHF.
I would ask for HCGB members to vote (above hopefully) so I can feedback to the WHF. PLEASE ONLY VOTE ON HERE OR ON FACEBOOK>
The idea of a WHC in the UK in 2016 is at very very early stages and the venue hasn't even been decided yet. I hope further details about the HGCB ideas for the event will be forthcoming shortly.

As you will recall the WHF had to postpone our 2014 World Championships in Germany until 2015. I have now received the news that Germany cannot hold this event in the foreseeable future.
In the light of this I have been contemplating the following options.
• Firstly, I know of a potential and viable bid that the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain (HCGB) may be making to us to hold a World Hovercraft Championship but not until 2016. This would be as part of a two week long Hovercraft Festival ~ Hoverfest that is under consideration to celebrate the 50th birthday of the HCGB. The event would also include exhibitions, demonstrations, national and international hovercraft racing plus many other events. It would make an ideal two week holiday for visitors from around the world.
• Secondly, we could try to find a suitable host country for 2015.
There are advantages and disadvantages to both.
• A four year gap between World Championships would be regrettable but waiting until 2016 would allow organisers participants and supporters plenty of time to prepare their plans. It would also allow emerging countries to hold other WHF approved events to gain experience,
• Finding a host country for 2015 would certainly maintain continuity but would almost certainly exclude a full World Championship in 2016 as proposed by the HCGB.
Before wasting time and effort in attempting to find, or should I say, persuading a suitable host country to come forward for 2015 I would like you to inform our Secretary, Christel Martens at e~mail worldhovercraftfederation@kpnmail.nl if you would be content to wait until 2016 or not. If the majority are not in favour of waiting we will do my best find a host for 2015.
Please will you respond by May 28, 2014. If we do not hear from you we will assume you are in favour of waiting until 2016.
Kind Regards, Tony M Drake, JP. WHF President.