The Council of the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain has agreed to make some changes to the rules for posting in these forums. The full rules can be found as a sticky thread in the general forum and by following the link to forum rules that can be found on most pages. The key changes to the rules concern advertising in postings and the behaviour expected when posting.

The rule on advertising now states:
"HCGB wishes to encourage hovercrafting activities and forum members are encouraged to post information, photographs and videos about hovercrafting. An element of product placement or advertising that is relevant to hovercrafting within such postings is permissible, providing it is incidental to the posting and not the main element of it. HCGB reserve the right to remove any posting that is simply an advertisement. Facilities for commercial advertising are available on the main club site and personal adverts can be posted in the “Hovercraft stuff for sale” area."

We have also clarified the rules on behaviour when posting:
"When posting you should be polite - anything more than light hearted "ribbing" will not be tolerated. Bear in mind that these forums are used by people of all ages so don't use language that will offend. Your comments should be reasonable and in a tone befitting a sporting club such as the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain.

Discussions on the best way of doing things are an essential part of these forums and debates on hovercrafting matters are welcome. However personal attacks are not allowed. If you take issue with the tone or content of any posting you find in the forum please report the matter privately to an HCGB moderator. Please do not take it upon yourself to issue a rebuke – such action could in itself be deemed insulting or rude behaviour. It is for the forum moderators to rule on what is or is not permissible."

The forum moderators are now Council members Carla Thomas and Roger Morton. Please work with us as we do our best to perform this duty for the club - we are volunteers like everyone else who serves the club.

Roger Morton
Secretary The Hoverclub of Great Britain Ltd