Message originally posted by hector46 on 22-Feb-10 at 07:13 PM:

It's still like the arctic here in the NE of Scotland -8 centigrade this morning. That didn't stop me from working on 'Alice Mary' yesterday. I disconnected all the usual things like exhaust, electrics, fuel and starter cables. Two of the engine studs have seized to the frame. I persuaded them off with lube and a large socket with T bar. One of the welded mounts parted company from the frame and will need welded back on. The fan boss and top half of the fan were still attached to the engine so I wiggled it rather than lifting it out fairly easily.
Once on the bench I set about the fan hub with a hammer and a blow torch.....gently but firmly, nothing happened at first but persistence pays in the end and off it came, I was pleased. I won't forget the copper slip the next time!!!!! Then was remove the taperlok pulley, governor (turning to Fe02 rapidly), starter motor (very corroded top bracket), inlet manifold and carb and some tin work.

The main aim is to replace as many fasteners as possible, replace leaking sump gasket, replace lower crank seal just in case, overhaul starter which works fine but has suffered from salt water spray. Fit modified cylinder heads and inlet manifold, replace flywheel key to advance the ignition timing, make new stainless more efficient header and replace the throttle and choke mechanisms with neater stainless versions. I will also fit a BX drive belt in place of the SPA fitted at the moment. Still have to find that MIG Welder and the time to do it all !!!!!!!!