The past week has seen me doing more work on the Vanguard. I've been looking to cure a miss fire that only occurred on hot starts. With the engine shroud off I removed the coils which are corroding around the laminations. I've cleaned the pick up face and re lacqured them with electrical lacquer for now but this is not a long term solution. I may use a thin layer of epoxy to coat them, again as an experiment in corrosion protection. I removed and re taped the HT leads with a first layer of self amalgamting and an over layer of PVC. The self amalgamating tape has done very well while the old pvc tape has the disolving glue syndrome and turns to a sticky loose mess. Even so I have used the PVC again but not on the same areas of wiring..we'll see.
I have removed the diode harness and replaced with dual wiring and kill switches on the dash. At the same time i've replaced the main charging wire (corroded connection) with a heavier guage. I am now dipping all electrical connecions in vaseline before crimping the terminal and overtaping as this works well from my observations.
The kill and charging wires run to the front in a new plastic conduit which tidies up things greatly (not that anyone will see it!!) and protects the wiring from damage. I've replaced the coil screws and some more engine bolts with stainless. I have removed my rather fetching half dustbin engine cover which does keep the water out but equally keeps the damp in. Instead I have fitted a deflector over the coooling fan intake and over both HT leads. This will keep most of the damp out and will mean easier access to the engine and plugs etc.
A new electro mechanical hour meter is fitted which is presently running to catch up to my correct run hours. This will be handy for maintenance and for keeping a record of when things break and fall off, not that much has YET!!!! A replacement long lead Tinytach is now fitted and helps me keep an eye detecting belt slip which shows on the tacho before my ears register it.
New windsceen sides are now on and look much better than the old ones. The small oil weep was cured by tightening the oil cooler pipe clip, will need to run it more to be sure.
Re coating the bag contact strip is next, this is easy and quick to do and should complete the maintenance for now.
The treasure hunt becons....really looking forward to it especially all that lovely mud!!!!