Message originally posted by griffi5686 on 15-Jun-09 at 03:03 PM:

Yes, made it to Rother and what a great event. I only managed to start the engine the night before after the rebuild so it was all a bit last minute.

I turned up on Saturday morning and got through scrutineering - it would have been helpful if I had remembered by log book (thanks David).

During practice I noticed that when I started I was getting 6,800 RPM, however, after a few minutes it was only going to 5,700 - so I eased off and came back in.

First race and same problem - just no real power. Talking to a couple of people and the recommendation was to dump the old air filters, a visit to Vortex and some new paper filters and I was ready to try again for the second race. Wow - that worked! Pulling full revs and feeling very good! At this point I managed to go over the top of a wooden stake, which took out 5 or so segments at the front. I didn't realise and came around to the bank with the front quite low....I realised too late that I was going to nose-dive into the bank and bashed the tail end having to miss the bank and go via the water.

A trip back to Leicester for more resin, mat etc and also my logbook meant that I was working on the craft 22.00 Sat night. I got up early and did more repairs on Sunday but didn't realise that the bit of hull that Lee had spotted the day before was mine...I only realised after the drivers briefing on Sunday so we got the craft up and more glassing for a repair - missing the practice - Thanks to David for all of his help and additional supplies. I didn't get to say thanks before the end of the meeting but without your help I would not have been able to race.

The first and second races went well - it's nice to complete a race and not have a load of repairs to carry out!

I think it was 2nd overall and 1st in Novice F2....OK so I think my only other competitor was 93 and they sunk twice!

Still a great weekend and some fantastic racing - what a great club to be a part of!