I was getting desperate as I haven't been hovering since the Hovershow a month ago (messing around in a field doesn't count unless you are racing someone else ) so I hitched up the craft and set off for Berwick early this morning (which, for the first time this month wasn't windy OR wet!).

Launched at the Launch site guide site on the dunes into the harbour, There was a 10mph westerly but the water was very smooth in the bay and on the river - three foot breakers on the beach around the corner though ) . Headed up river past the Berwick bridges and stopped at Paxton. Talked to a guy there on hols with his family that knew Granville Spedding - it's a small world!
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Headed on upriver for around 8 miles past Norham castle and stopped on a gravel bank in the middle of the river.
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The river was very high for this time of year due to the amount of rain in the last month - it was also pretty muddy and had floating debris (sticks, tree roots, dead sheep - the usual kind of thing after a flood!). There were no fisherman active at all which is very unusual - I suspect the river flow rate and water state made fishing pointless. Passed a few bailiffs staring wistfully at the water- obviously hoping it was going to magically get better - which it will eventually!

One reason for this little outing was to test out some of the latest mods made to the craft. I've fitted belt covers, a moulded prop cone and made up a stainless exhaust system (the old was was starting to fall apart again after 18 months - salt water and heat - a great combination!). Apart from a minor problem with the silencer outlet heating part of the rear hull (black soot marks) there were no problems with anything. The covers and exhaust have quietened the craft a little bit more - the only thing you can now hear is the prop itself. The silencer is s/hand from a Honda Fireblade bike - a nicely made bit of kit and very quiet (which is why you can get them for 25 or less on ebay - most bikers don't like quiet ).

I passed a party of canoeists (the only water traffic I saw all morning - even in the harbour!) and under the five Tweed bridges on the way back downriver.

Very pleasant trip of around 30 miles - the return journey was at approx. 20mph with the engine at only 2200rpm - almost silent!

Trip video is HERE