posted by John Robertson on 21-Jun-09 at 10:53 AM

Took the youngest to a tennis tournament at Berwick yesterday so I thought I'd just accidentally leave the hover attached to the car in the hope that I could test some of the work done after the Loch Fyne hoverin (see blog). The weather conditions weren't exactly testing - flat calm and almost no wind!

After watching some tennis, we launched and set off up river. Came across the annual Rowing Club regatta on a wide stretch. There was much arm waving and gesticulating from the bank so we stopped next to the rescue boat to try to work out what they were wanting us to do? They asked us to slow down so that our wash wouldn't flip the small sculls they use (a plank of wood with oars - freeboard only an inch or two!). I explained that if we travelled at less than 12mph or so we would be producing a wash - more than that there wouldn't be anything significant. We travelled up as far as Norham (about 12 miles or so) with no problems (and no other boats).
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On the return trip we were treated to another session of arm waving and a guy shouting though a load hailer from the bank (couldn't hear what he was saying!!). There were two sculls on the water so we kept to within 6 feet of the opposite bank - at least 100metres clear of the sculls. Waved to the guys in the rescue boat and carried on.

Landed on the harbour next to the tennis courts and watched the final (not successful though ) then took Andy back over to the launch site by hovercraft.

Short video clip HERE