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Had a good days hovering yesterday with Steve starting with a visit to the Queen (the QE2 that is - not the "real" queen).

The QE2 was on it's very last visit to Scotland and berthed at the Ocean Terminal in Greenock. It was "mobbed" by hundreds of small boats - everything from luxury motor cruisers/yachts to kayaks - I didn't know that there were that many craft on the Clyde!).

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We had to pick our way through this "mob" - and, I have to say that there aren't many people understand what the Collision Regulations are! The Police boat was present to keep us 50metres from the QE2 but Steve managed a nice close fly-by right next to the police launch.

Next was a trip across the estuary (about 5 miles) past the Ark Royal carrier and a French carrier (the FS Tonnerre). They were lowering the rear loading ramp into the water as we were passing and I was tempted just to take a run up it into the hull - probably not a good idea. It is a landing ship and carries landing craft and (supposedly) hovercraft - I took a video looking into the hull but couldn't see an hovercraft in there.
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After a re-fuelling stop at Helensburgh (human fuel - the craft didn't need any!) we travelled out to the wreck of the Captyannis, a sugar carrier that has been lying on a sand bank since it capsized in a storm in 1974 (it's now a popular bird meeting place).

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We then heading east up the estuary and into Glasgow city centre. On the way we passed the tall ship Stavros S Niarchos on it's way into Glasgow from Cork.
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It was a beautiful sunny day if a bit chilly on the water so we floated around, engines off, for a bit in the city centre. It's a bit weird calmly floating on water right in the middle of all of the city noises!
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