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Thread: I O W Easter Cruise

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    Default I O W Easter Cruise

    Easter Weekend Around the IOW Cruise.

    I was intending to wait a bit longer as we are waiting for approval from the Land Agency ref the Hovercraft Museum facilities.
    Hopefully approval will be forthcoming shortly.
    However in order avoid any speculation this is where we are today.

    On the Easter Weekend which is Good Friday 2nd to Easter Monday 5th April there will be an opportunity to do an around the Isle of Wight Cruise.
    Thanks to Warwick Jacobs and his fellow trustee we will be based at the Hovercraft Museum at Lee on Solent.
    The museum will be holding an Open Event over the holiday period.
    We have the field available to us for camping and of course the slipway directly on to the Solent.
    The plan at this stage is to use the first 3 days but any one who wishes to stay on for the Monday would be welcome.
    Obviously an event like this is very weather dependent but it is anticipated that there will be a compulsory “shakedown” run on the Friday.
    The Cruise day to be the best of the remaining 2 days.

    It is 92 kms around the Island and though there is vehicular access to most beaches, some parts, in particular around the South West coastline are not accessible by road.
    The intention is that it will be a genuine touristy type cruise taking time out to smell the diesel (when you pass the hoverport at Ryde) and in no way a time trial.

    An escort boat is highly desirable and volunteers for this role would be greatly appreciated.
    An island based vehicle with trailer would again be a great help. Again any volunteers?
    Any thoughts regarding points of interest, refuelling both craft and occupants, etc, gratefully received.

    Please e-mail me at if you would like to participate so that I have a feel for likely numbers.
    Last year at Sheppey only 2 of you said that you were coming and in the end there were15. It really does help if you can say you will attend as soon as you are able.

    I will go further into the logistics at a later date as and when the relevant practicalities are sorted.
    Initially I just wish to establish the event and date.

    Regards to All, Kip

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    Default Re: I O W Easter Cruise

    Sounds Great!!!
    Email sent
    Best Regards

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    Default Re: I O W Easter Cruise

    The redmonds will be there with two craft. May also be able to provide vehical on island with trailer.

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    Default I O W Update

    I am sure that you will all agree with me that although we would not be making the most epic journey of the century it will be a trip where a breakdown can have a serious consequence.
    At the least the recovery of a craft would involve several others and possibly take quite a long time.
    As a group we therefore have to give ourselves the best chance of success.

    With this in mind I believe that the integrity of the craft is the most important factor.
    In fair conditions almost any craft and driver could make such a trip.

    From the messages received to date I anticipate a very good attendance and there will inevitably be new craft and possibly drivers.
    Also as this is likely to be the first serious outing for craft, many of which will have been worked on, modified, etc. we need to be especially vigilante.
    Therefore on Friday, there will be informal scrutineering and a Mandatory shake down run of around 10 miles to sort out craft and drivers.

    Please be advised that you may not automatically receive approval for the Trip.

    Regarding driver qualifications, I may differ somewhat from the general position I believe the club holds.
    Very few of us have ever really operated in anything other than moderate conditions as usually found up to wind force 4.
    I do not believe many of us can truly say we are experienced in rough weather open sea where life truly is in danger.
    We only operate, and are experienced in a moderate comfort zone.
    If the weather is adverse we will not go.
    We will have among us fully qualified marine experts who will have the final say.
    This will be relaxed cruise with a comfortable time table and a driver of limited hours experience should have no problems in a suitable craft.
    Driving a craft for 100 hours on a lake teaches nothing
    I believe that this type of trip with escort boats and the company of experienced members is a perfect opportunity to safely develop the skills of us all.

    ( Please feel free to comment on the above)

    Camping will be available from Thursday afternoon until Monday.
    There will be an entry fee of £30.00.
    £5.00 of which will go to a fund to help out on escort and recovery expenses and the £25.00 to a donation to the Museum.
    In addition there will be a camping fee of £2.50 per night per person excluding those who have paid the £30.00 entry fee again proceeds to any costs and Museum funds.
    I will be at the AGM and would appreciate any advice and input that would help.

    Regards to all.


    N.B Please e-mail me if you are coming and have not yet told me.

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    Default Re: I O W Update

    Quote Originally Posted by KipMac View Post
    ( Please feel free to comment on the above)
    Well .. . you did ask

    It all sounds eminently sensible to me. I would add a couple of things (feel free to ignore them ).

    In the often crowded waters of the Solent, it is absolutely crucial that everyone attending is fully familiar with the ColRegs ( You really don't want to turn the wrong way when faced with a freighter or a grumpy sail boat (there seemed to be a quite few of them around Cowes when I was in there ).

    It is also worth paying close attention to the tides and weather during the trip itself - in exposed water, things can turn nasty unbelievably quickly - sometimes in a matter of just a few minutes. As this is a circumnavigation, you are almost certain to find rough water at some point around the island as the flow rounds headlands (maximum tidal flow is around mid-day on these days).

    I'm sure it will be a very enjoyable trip for all - unfortunately, I will be unable to attend

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    Thumbs up Re: I O W Easter Cruise

    Hi Kip the trip sounds great and all being well i would like to be their. My craft is having a new bottom and some more flotation added. Slow going at the moment!!!. To be warned i have made the crossing to the island on three different ocasions and it has been rough.... very rough. I,m sure you would agree the weather will have to be somthing special to make that trip but i,m always up for a challange. However i would hope all comers would take a look at the cruising information on this site. We are venturing further offshore now our craft are becoming more capable so we need to learn to be safe. Carry all the kit and clothing and how to use it!!. We should be pushing all currant and new members to get involved in the PQS scheme. There is a large effort to build relations between hovercraft and local athority. It only takes one misguided hovercraft user to spoil it for the rest.So lets get....involved !!

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    Default Re: I O W Easter Cruise

    Is there any chance of a shorter event for those who don't want to do a circumnavigation ?

    I'm sure a lot of people would love to come to the Museum and do a cruise, but perhaps going right round the Island is a bit much for some of the less seasoned operators. I've see the tide round the Needles and there may be some more timid hovernauts like me who would prefer something less ambitious!

    I may be just over cautious but its an awful long way ! Perhaps a run to Ryde and Bembridge for the lilly livered?


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    Default Re: I O W Easter Cruise

    Having lived on the IOW and knowing the different waters around the Island it would seem sensible to me for a first IOW crusie to constrain it to the north of the Island.
    Across to Cowes then east past Osborne House, Fishborne, Ryde, Seaview and into St Helens would provide accessible beaches most of the way.
    My five pen'orth for whats it's worth.
    Ken Anderson

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