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Thread: HoverRally09 USA Live this weekend

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    Default Re: HoverRally09 USA Live this weekend

    Hi all,
    Just wanted to give a shout out to Keith, Simon and Bob. It was great to meet you guys and hang out with you for a while when I wasn't racing. I hope you made it home safely and enjoyed yourselves and didn't mind the rain and tornados too much. I watched the replay video when I got home (from the files you copied to me). I think we looked more like the "Wacky racers" compared to the UK races . Looking forward to seeing the noise analysis on my Revtech Keith. Keep in touch.
    Dave Reyburn

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    Default Re: HoverRally09 USA Live this weekend

    Hi Dave
    Simon Bob and I much enjoyed the 'Wacky Races' and especially the warm reception we received over in the USA, from the people as well as the weather!
    I've looked at the traffic stats for last weekend. We averaged around 30-35 viewers, similar to UK events, but this time 50.6% of all sessions came from N America and 40.9% from Europe. The breakdown was:
    GB 36.1%
    Virginia 11.4%
    Texas 8.7%
    California 5.7%
    Iowa 5.2%
    New Jersey 3.8%
    New York 2.7%
    Ohio 2.2%
    Alabama 1.9%
    Washington 1.9%
    N Carolina 1.1%
    Pennsylvania 0.7%
    Michigan 0.5%
    Colorado 0.5%
    Georgia 0.5%
    Other USA 3.6%
    Slovenia 2.0%
    France 1.7%
    Germany 0.7%
    Ireland 0.6%
    Netherlands 0.5%
    Sweden 0.4%
    Czech Republic 0.2%
    Italy 0.2%
    Australia 0.4%
    China 0.2%
    Pakistan 0.1%
    Singapore 0.1%

    The HoverRally09 and Rother videos will be on the replay service in a day or so.

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