Post your Youtube hovercraft video clips here. Any non-hovercraft related clips will be removed! Our normal Posting Rules apply.

Take a look at HERE for information on how to add a Youtube clip to a post.

To post a YouTube video clip you need the Youtube video ID - this is a string of characters that uniquely identifies each video clip. If you view the video on the YouTube website and take a look at the web address in your browsers address box (top centre) it will look something like:

The video ID is the bit after the v= up to the next & character - in the example above the video ID is shown in red

Simple copy and paste this ID into your post. Then select the ID characters with your mouse (highlight them) and click the Youtube button on the editor toolbar (right hand end of the the second row above) - this will insert the correct BB code tags around the ID. Alternatively, you can just enter [youtube] to the left of the ID and [/youtube] to the right
It should end up looking like this:

And that's all there is to it!