A quick one:

I am driving to K&M products' workshop on Wednesday (tomorrow), leaving at about 9.30am from Wargrave, hoping to get there round about 12 noon.

I'm not planning on staying long...picking up some bits to avoid horrible delivery charges and get them here asap, and got nothing better to do

Ken will be doing a quick assesment of my engine too.

Does anyone need anything bringing back from there? or delivering to there? I can deviate a small distance from my route within reason. You'd have to phone him to OK it first!

Obviously there's no guarantee on anything.

I will be driving a short wheel base defender, so although it's boot isn't particularly large it will take a lot of weight (i'm thinking engines). Maybe 1 duct, or a skirt or something like that

You can contact me on 07768361779.

Return would be leaving there asap, probably get down to Reading at about 5-6pm.

Route is essentially up the M1 and the A46.

A small donation for Diesel would be appreciated

ps ooh look I got the 1000th topic