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I used to own a power boat and it caused so much grief.

Because of the way it looked I sailed down the river at almost walking pace and I still had comments from the lock keepers. (Ive had reports of you speeding). I got rid of it in the end.

The river is probably the worst for being a snob. My boat is bigger than yours sort if thing. 10 times worse than on the roads.

As for Hovercraft on the river. forget it!! Ive been down that road. You have no chance! None what so ever. I get told to sling my hook even when I am playing with my models on the river by the river police.

Funny, I organised two coastal races on the Thames. I found everyone (harbour master/ English nature) most friendly and agreeable. Why bother upstream, the estuary if far more interesting. It's Ok from the mouth up to Wandsworth anyway.