I think I've read somewhere that India graduates more engineers than the USA, and China three times that. If there is any truth in this we might see something come out of Asia in the next few years which will turn some heads.

If you are wondering what India is up to, check out the SHAASTRA link below. I see in the "GALLERY" photo section a robotic hovercraft which is odd looking, didn't know what I was looking at, at first. sted=1#post1394910

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Hi friends

SHAASTRA 2007 (<font color=""DarkRed"">IIT MADRAS,INDIA[/COLOR]) brings you an opportunity to earn a lot of cash and become famous .

Participate in FIRE n ICE event where you have to make a small hovercraft

and compete with others.

For more information look at the link below

lots of exciting prizes to be won:!!)