Well another month and yet again suffering from PMS.

Im not ashamed to admit I suffer from PMS.

Im sure there are other men that also suffer as well.

You may not admit it but I cant be the only one that suffers from

Post Magazine Stress.

Craft sitting in the back garden.

Longing to have ago and learn how to turn the craft without using the same turning circle as super tankers take.

But alas the only time to try is at a race meet.

Only been to 2 but now I know how to turn a craft when one of those fast trees comes towards you.

Cant go along to cruises as ive got an old racer.

No doubt this has been mentioned before.

But has anyone made a list of hover freindly places in their area?

Im in Farnborough Hants.

So going to the coast wouldnt be too far but dont want to break any Bylaws.

Have had a few places surgested but more cruiser suited.

Well cant wait for next month for the next mag.

But still have 2 of my kids that havent had a chance to have a go in the craft yet.

If they have a go they maybe more interestedinhelping around the house sothey can get out more.(Must have been dreaming thought i mentioned kids helping ???

Well Ive wasted enough of your time.

Hope to be out next year racing.

CRaig and dave.