Hello everyone... I am new here and new to hovercrafts. I am playing around with a (super low budget), real basic hovercraft design, and I have a questions on lift. This design is like the old tri-pod design you used to see in the backs of magazines. However, I am using 3 car tire inner tubes (pre-inflated), one on each point of the frame and a seat in the middle. I am using the pre inflated inner tubes because I want to be able to play around on water a little with it and dont want to sink if the motor fails. For lift, I have been throwing around the following two ideas. Please let me know which you think is better or if neither are feasible:

1.I was looking into obtaining 3 leaf blower units and hooking them all up side by side driven by one shaft from a small motor, then plumbing the air out to the middle of each inner tube. If this is feasible, what size motor or shaft speed should I consider?

2. I was also wondering about using a car radiator fan and the shroud unit. Anyone ever tried a radiator fan blade for something like this?

Thanks for any help and suggestions!