Hello All,

Are the details in the suppliers section still valid for K&M.

I have emailed over 2 weeks ago no reply and have phoned no answer.

It may be they are on holiday???

Maybe they didnt get it.?????

Not clear on a few bits so maybe some one else that have knowledge of the products they supply maybe able to answer.

I have a ROBIN EC44 engine.Crank is 30mm dia 1/10 taper.

Looking at 28 or 26 lower pulley.

woudlnt be able to use taper lock as the nut for the end of the crank.(LIke the TZR/RD fitting.)

Cant see any pulleys which would allow me to bolt to a surface ie the end of the crank adapter that have flanges.

Havent got a workshop or access to any mill/lathes pillar drills etc so cant machine one my self.Not that i want to reinvent the wheel.

Any surgestion much appreciated.