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    Default Air flow test

    I done a little test today just out of curiosity on the air flow coming out of the rear of my duct. What i done was got a length of string and held it in the path of the thrust air from the rear of my duct and what i noticed was the air flow coming from the right hand side of the duct (when viewed from standing behind the duct and looking towards the front of the craft) was a stronger flow than what was coming from the left hand side. Attached is a picture showing the 2 positions that i had the string attached, at point '1' the string was blowing around at about 90 degrees to the duct (ie : horizontal with the ground) whereas at point '2' on the picture it was around 45 - 50 degrees to the duct. (The fan turns anti clockwise when viewed from behind and is 5zl multi wing blades.)

    I know its possibly not the most technical test out there but is there a common reason for there to be more air flow from one side of the duct than the other ?

    Tip clearance is around 5mm with roughly 1mm variance in places.

    The craft it self goes fine and doesn't seem to lift more on one side than the other but i am curious if there is a reason for it.



    PS : I got a write up in the local newspaper today so that was cool. My 2 seconds of fame hehe, unfortunately no job offers yet though.
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