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    Family or Group HCGB Members

    If you have a family or group subscription then, for your family members to be valid HCGB club members, you need to make sure that their memberids (usernames) are listed in your profile. Family members who are NOT listed in your profile are NOT club members (they will not be able to take part in HCGB events, vote at the AGM or have full access to the members-only areas on this web site).

    Each member of your family or group needs to be a registered member on this site in the first place (click here to register a new account). You can simply add your family or group member registered usernames to your profile - (click here and scroll down to the Additional Information section where you will see a box called CLUB MEMBERS ONLY - Family or Group Members usernames)

    Add each family member on a separate line in the box (do not add your own username). All family members must reside at the same address and only two adults are permitted per family (any children over the age of 18 must purchase their own adult subscription)

    Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for your family members access to be updated.

    IMPORTANT If you had a valid HCGB family or group subscription before 6th March 2009 then each of your family members already has their own account on this site. Their web site usernames are listed in YOUR PROFILE Their temporary password is simply your original password (the one on the March magazine) with the number shown at the end of their username added on (for example, if your password is 456789 and the username for one of your family member accounts is smith2345/03 then the password for that family members account would be 456789/03. It is strongly recommend that you, and all your family members, change your passwords ASAP.

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