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    Marshals are vital to the HCGB's racing activities. Without them there would be no racing. It is the marshals who look after the course safety during race meetings and, with the other organisers, ensure the smooth running of the event. Our marshals are respected the world over.

    The Hovercraft Club Marshals Association was first formed in 1993 for the purpose of providing Course Marshals to officiate at Hovercraft Club organised events.

    There are four grades of marshals:

    • Trainee
    • Grade 2
    • Grade 3
    • Senior

    All Course Marshals are under the control of the Chief Marshal at each race meeting, the Chief Marshal being elected on an annual basis at the start of each racing season.

    All marshals are provided with hands-on training courses in First Aid, Fire Fighting and how to deal with crippled or damaged craft.

    Trainee Marshal

    Trainee Marshals are those in their first season of racing, they would be stationed with a Grade 1 marshal at selected locations around the course. They are instructed in the use of flags, radios and to handle craft in trouble.

    Grade 2 Marshal

    After a Trainee Marshal has officiated at a minimum of 6 events he/she is then considered by the Chief Marshal for promotion to Grade 2. As a Grade 2 Marshal they can be located at any level 2 or 3 marshalling location around the course. If located at a level 1 location they must have a Grade 1 Marshal with them.

    Grade 1 Marshal

    The Grade 1 marshals are the most experienced course marshals having officiated at least 12 race events to the satisfaction of the Chief Marshal. They are qualified to accompany Trainee or Grade 2 Marshals at any location around the course.
    Senior Marshal

    A Senior Marshal is a Grade 1 Marshal who is competent to take on special duties such as Start, Paddock or Grid Marshal. He/she will have a sound understanding of the competition regulations, scrutineering and race administration.
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