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8-Jan-09, 06:15 PM
PORT (http://www.nmm.ac.uk/?PHPSESSID=77c57cda060177a4190ca340c8a4c9ef) - PORT is a new Internet Service available from the Centre for Maritime Research, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

Boat Owner's World (http://www.boatowners.com/) - Includes interesting information on all types of Water Craft and Hovercraft.

4 Wings (http://www.4wings.com/) - Lots of useful Information on Hovercraft Design and Services.

Dr William Bertelsen (http://www.aeromobile.com/) - US Hovercraft Pioneer, a History of his hovercraft achievements.

Hovercraft Museum (http://www.hovercraft-museum.org/) - A Wealth of Information on Historic Hovercraft from around the World.

HoverAid (http://www.hoveraid.co.uk/) - HoverAid is a charity that uses hovercraft for relief and development work in flooded of otherwise inaccessible areas.