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8-Jan-09, 06:03 PM
Discounts available on Life Jackets for HCGB members - Click Here! (http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/showthread.php?23783-Discounts-available-on-Life-Jackets)

ACV Designs (http://www.acvdesigns.com/) - ACV Designs is committed to creating the worlds greatest small hovercraft designs.

Air Commander Hovercraf (http://www.aircommander.com/)t - Air Commander Hovercraft of America, manufacturers of a wide range of cruising and rescue hovercraft.

Amphibiousmmarine (http://www.sevteckits.com) - Suppliers of Sevtec plans and kits -also manufactures a range of Sevtec based hovercraft.

AKS Invest (http://www.aks.r52.ru/) - A Russian Company. Hovercraft Manufacturers since 1996.

All Surface Vehicles (http://www.asv-aust.com/galleries/e2_range.htm) - Manufacturers of Hovercraft in Australia. Inlcudes RC Hovercrafts for the hobbyist too.

Bill Baker Vehicles Ltd (http://www.bbvhovercraft.co.uk/) - Manufacturers of hovercraft, Banbury, Oxon. UK.

Contralube (http://www.contralube.com/) - Supplier of specialist waterproofing grease for electrics.

DF Dickins Associates Ltd (http://www.dfdickins.com/) - Consulting engineers working with organizations around the world to evaluate hovercraft applications for particular projects.

http://www.epscorp.com/ (http://www.epscorp.com/companies/epsfield/hovercraft.cfm?subdir=2&company=8&hovercraft=1) - USA manufacturer of ABS-10 large hovercraft.

Flying Fish Hovercraft (http://www.flyingfishhovercraft.co.uk/) - Hovercraft Sales. Days out and corporate entertainment in Kent.

Griffon Hovercraft (http://www.griffonhovercraft.com/) - Griffon Hovercraft Ltd produces the largest range of amphibious, diesel-engined hovercraft available in the world today.

Haven Ports Marine and Construction Management Ltd (http://www.havenports.co.uk/) - Haven Ports offer hovercrart for survey work in addition to offering marine construction and management services.

Hi Tech International (http://www.hovercraft.it/) - An Italian manufacturer or rescue and leisure craft.

Hov Pod (http://www.hovpod.com/) - Makers of the HovPod integrated craft. Based in Southampton UK.

Hovercraft d.o.o (http://www.hovercraft.si/) - Hovercraft motor club in Slovinia.

Hovercraft Consultants Ltd. (http://www.hovercraftconsultants.co.uk/) - HCL designs and manufactures skirts for all sizes of hovercraft from small components up to complete skirt systems.

www.hovercraft.ru (http://www.hovercraft.ru/) - A Russian Hovercraft Manufacturer.

www.hovercraftmodels.com (http://www.hovercraftmodels.com/) - Model Hovercraft.

www.hovertrans.com (http://www.hovertrans.com/) - Commercial hoverbarges - 20 to 300 ton payloads.

Hovertravel (http://www.hovertravel.co.uk/) - High Speed Passenger Hovercraft Ferry Services to the Isle of Wight.

Hoverwork Ltd (http://www.hoverwork.co.uk/) - Hovercraft, Sales, Charters, Maintenance and Training.

Hovery of Argentina (http://hovery.com/) - Manufacturers of the Light Weight 'Hovery' One Person Hovercraft.

K&M Products (http://www.kmproducts.co.uk/) - Manufacturers of light hovercraft. Suppliers of kits, plans and components.

Mad Hovercraft (http://www.mad-hovercraft.si/) - Manufacturer of light recreational hovercraft in Slovenia.

Marine Hovercraft Technology (http://www.marinehovercrafttechnology.co.uk/) - The website for the book: Hovercraft Technology (R.L.Trillo), published by Leonard Hill Books in 1971.

N. STAVSUDDA HANDEL (http://www.stavsudda-handel.se/) - Licensed Swedish Manufacturer of BBV Hovercraft, Parts and Accessories.

Neoteric Hovercraft Inc (http://www.neoterichovercraft.com/) - Manufacturers of High Performance Cruising Hovercraft.

Northern Hovercraft Sales and Services Ltd. (http://www.northernhovercraft.com/) - We are a Canadian Dealer for Hovertechnics Inc., a large American manufacturer of hovercraft. Hovertechnics has delivered almost 800 craft to clients worldwide since 1984.

Ocean Hover Ltd (http://www.oceanhover.com/) - The Company was set up to exploit opportunities for hovercraft with particular emphasis on the international oil and gas industry.

Pacific Hovercraft NZ Ltd. (http://www.hovercraft.co.nz/) - Pacific Hovercraft NZ Ltd is an international company with more than 20 years experience in the hovercraft industry.

Phoenix rescue systems (http://www.phoenixhovercraft.com/) - Italian manufacturer of 5.4m Subaru powered hovercraft. Primarily aimed at rescue.

Quicktide tide tables. (http://www.quicktide.co.uk/) - Quick and easy to use tide tables.

SA - Hovercraft -Italia (http://www.hovercraft-italia.eu/) - Italian Producer of TUGO' Hovercraft and Suppliers of other hovercrafts from 2 to 80 seats.

The Marine Warehouse (http://www.lifejackets.co.uk/) - Specialist supplier of life jackets.

The Plan Depot (http://www.theplandepot.com/) - Design plans for hovercraft and more.

Universal Hovercraft (http://www.hovercraft.com/) - The world's largest supplier of hovercraft plans, kits, and parts. Illinois, USA.

Vortex hovercraft (http://www.vortex.org.uk/) - UK manufacturer of 1 to 5 seat hovercraft.