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8-Jan-09, 03:20 PM
If you want access to more free hovercraft info then please click here to register (http://old.hovercraft.org.uk/register.php)- it's absolutely free!

Registration will give you full access to all of the free information and non-member areas including the open forums.

If you have any problems registering then please click here to contact us (http://old.hovercraft.org.uk/sendmessage.php).

Once registered, you can then join the HCGB (http://old.hovercraft.org.uk/payments.php?)and enjoy many more benefits:

Full access to the magazine archive (nearly 500 magazines!)
Access to ALL member areas of this web site
The right to apply for a drivers and craft licence
Participation in HCGB events
Site fee discounts at events.
Members can also vote at the club AGM.

Membership starts from only 27.50 per year.

Click HERE (http://old.hovercraft.org.uk/payments.php?)to join us (remember to register first (http://old.hovercraft.org.uk/register.php))!