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8-Jan-09, 02:46 PM
Hovercraft racing is a truly breathtaking sport. It's fast and exciting both to participate in and to watch!

Click the play button in the centre for a taste of hover-racing!


To see more action check out YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=hovercraft+racing+uk&search_type=&aq=f)for more video clips!

The HCGB organise a national racing championship, contested over six to eight racing meetings around the country each year. Click Here (http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/showthread.php?18875-find-a-race-event)to see a map of the locations used for racing.


These meetings are usually held over a weekend or bank holiday weekend and take place in a wide variety of locations on courses made up of both land and water sections.

A typical day at a race meeting will start with a "Driver's Briefing" where the race director will explain the details of the day's racing, any relevant information about the course or matters that have arisen during the previous day's racing. After the briefing and when the Race Director is satisfied that everything is in place, the formulae are called forward for practice. Click Here (http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/showthread.php?t=18966) for a typical day at the races.

There will be a break after practice where it is usual for members of the public to be allowed into the paddock area to view the craft and talk to the drivers.


Lunch break over and the racing starts in earnest. Again it is split in to Formulae although it's not unusual to group some together. After the first block of racing there will be another break and again it is usual for members of the public to come into the paddock and see the craft. The second block of races follows the same format as the first.

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Click here for a Race event Programme and times (http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/showthread.php?t=22493)

Click here for current and past race results (http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/index.php?pageid=rresults)Registration is required to view - Click Here (http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/register.php) to register.

Click here to watch LIVE racing during a race weekend (you can also view video recordings of previous race meetings) (http://live.hovercraft.org.uk/)

Click here to check out our calendar for the next race meeting (http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/calendar.php?c=1&do=displayyear&year=)

Interested in becoming a race marshal? Click here to find out more! (http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/showthread.php?t=18967)